HEDDOKO™ came to us with a clear vision and an ambitious goal of being one of the first startups capable of demonstrating full body movement tracking on mobile. We were more than happy to take on that incredible challenge and help them build the first working prototype of their iOS mobile app capable of tracking, recording and analyzing full body movement and exercises.

The first smart garment that sees your movement in 3D and gives you live visual feedback

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Finalist in the WT Innovation Munich

Heddoko Phone
Heddoko Phone

“ Our experience working with Mobilogie was perfect to say the least! Mobilogie helped us build our first public technical demo and the feedback has been amazing. The UI and the smoothness of the demo were flawless with NO BUGS. I can’t stress enough how rare it is to demo for the first time for over 2 weeks with absolutely zero problem. ”

- Mazen Elbawab, CEO and founder, HEDDOKO™

Main features of the app

Optimize movement precision

Optimize movement precision

The combination of the smart garment with an artificial intelligence backend system allow us to capture and analyse motion data and provide meaningful coaching feedback.

Reduce risk of injury

Reduce risk of injury

HEDDOKO™ captures specific body metrics such as muscle fatigue and amount of pressure applied on the joints. It alleviates incorrect movements reducing the risk of injury and increasing the user’s understanding of his/her own body.

Maximize coaching productivity

Maximize coaching productivity

HEDDOKO™’s solution allows coaches, trainers and instructors to evaluate with reported analytics the level of performance at which multiple athletes executes their exercises.

Coach anytime, anywhere

Coach anytime, anywhere

Coaches are not limited to athlete’s schedules and vice versa. With HEDDOKO™, training data and reports are accessible from any kind of devices whenever you need them.


Interview with Mazen Elbawab, CEO and founder

Mobilogie: Where did the idea of the garment come from?

Mazen: Ever since I was child, I had a restless curiosity for technical know-how and practical problem solving. I knew that with a strong and original idea I could create just about anything. The obvious career path for me was engineering, and I followed it to work as an engineer at leading game developer Ubisoft in Montreal. But unlike most other geeks, I also harboured a second passion — sports. I used to spend endless hours playing soccer, volleyball and many other sports. My native Brazil provided plenty of perfect spots to play these sports. But what I loved most was martial arts, which I still practice to this day. It was only a matter of time before those two passions collided. Combining my grasp of athletics with my skills in engineering and motion capture HEDDOKO™ came to life.

Mobilogie: What needs does HEDDOKO™ answer?

Mazen: Lack of access to quality coaching is a barrier to athletic performance everywhere in the world. This has to do with location, cost and schedule flexibility. HEDDOKO™’s solution is used by athletes to continuously track their body movement and guide them towards optimal performance and precision in sports everywhere, anywhere. It alleviates incorrect movements reducing the risk of injury and increasing the user’s understanding of his/her own body. It is not another glorified pedometer; it is a training partner and coaching companion. One of the most elusive elements of performance optimization has long been muscle memory. HEDDOKO™ teaches the user to consistently maintain perfect form while executing a sequence of movements. In the event of injury, recovering athletes will be able to limit specific kinds of exertion in order to recover without aggravation to existing injury by tracking their movement. HEDDOKO™’s solution also allows coaches, trainers and instructors to evaluate, with unparalleled precision, the level of performance at which their athletes execute their exercises. It increases their productivity by reporting on analytics recorded by the intelligent garments.

Mobilogie: What are the R&D implications behind the garment?

Mazen: The company was established in February 2014, and since April 2014 we have built 5 different iterations of the product. Now we are at the stage where we are getting ready for full-scale manufacturing.  R&D is a major part of what was built so far. We are not necessarily re-inventing the tech because it existed in Hollywood and the gaming industry already. What we are trying to accomplish is making this tech accessible to everybody starting with sports enthusiasts. Most of our R&D efforts were focused on the experience and convenience of the technology to remove the necessity of huge installations for motion capture and user in-depth expertise in the matter.

Mobilogie: What are the technologies used in the development of the garment/app?

Mazen: The HEDDOKO™ Solution includes 4 main components: the intelligent garment, a mobile application, a web dashboard, and a backend artificial intelligence system.

The intelligent garment captures the data of the user’s movements, filters it, and sends it to the mobile application.  The mobile application serves a dual purpose: it models the 3D movement of the user’s body and provides live coaching feedback. It also transmits all the information to the artificial intelligence (AI) backend system. The AI backend system compiles and analyses all the captured information over time in order to determine body metrics such as muscle fatigue and amount of pressure applied on the joints. Finally, the web application provides dashboards and reports that the user can customize to track performances and enhance the user’s experience.

The HEDDOKO™ garment is “Powered by Nod”. Nod Labs supplies the essential motion sensing hardware and software that make the HEDDOKO™ garment possible. Equally essential to Heddoko’s™ success is StretchSense, which supplies crucial sensing technology.

Mobilogie: Will the garment be accessible for the grand public?

Mazen: Yes. The ultimate goal is to bring this Hollywood-type technology into the hands of every sports enthusiast. The obvious market that would initially benefit from HEDDOKO™ and help drive credibility are Athletes and sports enthusiasts that are serious about their training. The growth into mass consumer market will be gradual starting with a few sports (Golf, Yoga, Cross training…) adding more and more sports into our database as we move forward.

Mobilogie: According to you, what is the future of wearables?

Mazen: Wearable technology seems to be stagnating at monitoring vital signs. Tracking the heart rate is very beneficial for athletes, but one true measure of performance is the way they move. That’s why we’re focusing on capturing the biomechanical movement of the body and transform that data into meaningful coaching feedback. The future of wearables in the health and fitness industry is an integrated solution that instantly helps users to perform better. Just like the transition from flip phones with single functions to smart integrated phones, we will see a major shift into multifunction wearable devices that seamlessly integrate into the users day-to-day. 

Mobilogie: What are HEDDOKO™’s goals in the next years?

Mazen: “Take over the world !” 🙂 We are already putting a lot of effort in Research and Development for many more applications in the medical and sports therapy fields. We can’t really disclose them yet, but there are many exercise-specific and specialized applications we are currently working on and are part of our roadmap for many years to come.

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